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This Aqua Stairs ladder is the newest in the line of pontoon boat ladders. The patented design of this angled swim step ladder allows people to comfortably get out of the water where they may not have been able to so before on other boat ladders. Most boat ladders have very skinny steps that make them unconformable to use. This AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® boat ladder changes that. The sloped, deep steps make it a game changer for people who are unable to use conventional swim ladders. This is not only a people ladder but can be used by many dogs as well, given its staircase design!

This pontoon ladder is intended to be a replacement for the factory ladder on many boats. Any handy person can install these with a few simple tools. This boat ladder folds up for travel and locks in a storage position with marine storage/stowing clips.

Although designed as a pontoon or tritoon ladder, this stainless-steel boat ladder can also be used with many other boats. It can be mounted to swim platforms on large boats or even as a houseboat ladder.


AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® is the leading manufacturer of high-quality aluminum dock ladders for people. Our marine ladders are also ideal dock ladders for dogs. Dock ladders for dogs are popular because your canine companion can easily walk up these dock steps. Given its staircase design, it can even help as a disability ladder for some people with handicap needs. These dock ladders are intended for use where the mounting surface is no more than 24 inches above the water; otherwise, this 4 step ladder would likely be too short to comfortably get out of the water; unless the lake bed is close enough to stand on. Even at 24″, most customers prefer the 5 step dock ladders with more steps under water to make it easier to get out.

  • The stainless steel pontoon ladder will make an outstanding upgrade to your existing pontoon boat ladder. Its universal design makes it a direct replacement for the old vertical, skinny-step OEM ladder.
  • The ladder is approximately 18” wide and extends 11” back onto the decking.
  • The loop handles are 16” tall.
  • The steps are very comfortable at approximately 14″ wide and 7″ deep, allowing for very easy, comfortable footing.
  • Given the strength of stainless steel, this ladder can accommodate>
  • This boat ladder can also be used on larger boats with swim platforms, such as yachts, cabin cruisers, and other boats with a swim deck. We also have a similar, aluminum model - the AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® Swim Platform Ladder.
  • These pontoon boat ladders also make the best dog ladder.
  • This pontoon ladder is made of stainless steel and is easy to install.

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