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SOLD OUT UNTIL August REAR MOUNT PONTOON BOAT LADDERS If you have ever climbed out of the water on a conventional pontoon boat ladder, you probably have discovered how difficult it can be. And while it may be difficult for a person, it can be next to impossible for a heavy person or dog. We developed the AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® rear mount pontoon boat ladders to fix this issue. The patented design of this stair-step ladder makes it significantly easier to get out of the water compared to regular boat ladders. We no longer had to worry about getting back on board if we jumped in. This also makes for the perfect dog ladder when your pet needs a way to get…

The rear mount pontoon ladders are intended to be a universal replacement for the existing ladder on the back of most pontoon boats, and they are simple to install by any handy person. The ladder folds down when in use and up when not in use. It has Velcro straps to keep it upright during travel/storage. If you have access to the back of the pontoon boat, rear mount pontoon ladders are a much better option than the AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® Side Mount Pontoon Ladder because it folds up and is out of the way, not needing to be stored somewhere onboard. This unit reaches into the water, vertically, 42" from the mounting surface on the deck.

This boat ladder can also be fitted to the back of other boats and has been used successfully as a deck boat ladder. In addition, the House Boat XL ladder is available if you require more length than the standard rear mount pontoon ladder. It has two more steps.


AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® is the leading manufacturer of high-quality aluminum dock ladders for people. Our marine ladders are also ideal dock ladders for dogs. Dock ladders for dogs are popular because your canine companion can easily walk up these dock steps. Given its staircase design, it can even help as a disability ladder for some people with handicap needs. These dock ladders are intended for use where the mounting surface is no more than 24 inches above the water; otherwise, this 4 step ladder would likely be too short to comfortably get out of the water; unless the lake bed is close enough to stand on. Even at 24″, most customers prefer the 5 step dock ladders with more steps under water to make it easier to get out.

  • The rear mount pontoon ladder is terrific for use on the back of pontoon boats. Its universal design makes it a direct replacement for the old vertical ladder shipped with pontoon boats.
  • It has adjustable legs and can be customized to fit most pontoon boats.
  • The steps are very comfortable at 16″ wide and 8-3/4″ deep, allowing for very easy, comfortable footing.
  • The ladder supports weights up to 250lbs.
  • This is a much better option than the side mount pontoon ladder since it stores in place when not used.
  • This boat ladder can also be used on larger boats with swim platforms, such as yachts, cabin cruisers, and other boats with a swim deck. We also have the AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® Swim Platform Ladder.
  • These pontoon boat ladders also make the best dog boat ladder.
  • This pontoon ladder is made of high quality aluminum and is easy to install.
  • UPC code 195893611041

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