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Pontoon - XL Rear Mount / Houseboat Ladder

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Extended Length Houseboat XL Ladder / XL Rear Mount Pontoon

Based on the popularity of the Rear Mount Pontoon Ladders, we have answered the customer demand for the same style ladder but with more steps. This houseboat XL ladder has been designed for use on houseboats to enable people and pets to board the boat quickly. These houseboat ladders' stair-step angled design makes the best swim ladder!

Some pontoon / tri-toon owners are using these as well. For instance, a customer with a pontoon boat with a lift kit on sandbars found that the existing ladder was too short when their boat was lifted to stabilize it. The XL ladder addressed their needs. It will also work well with boats with swim platforms high above the water. Many older cabin cruisers and yachts were made high above the water.

NOTE: When customers' pictures arrive, they will be included on the website – this is a new product, and we only have a few photos.

  • It has adjustable legs so that it can be made to fit most boats.
  • The wide and deep steps are very comfortable, allowing for very easy, comfortable footing.
  • Why climb out when you can walk out!
  • This boat ladder can also be used on the swim platform of larger boats, including yachts, cabin cruisers, and other boats with a swim deck. See also the Aqua-Stairs® Swim Platform Ladder
  • XL Pontoon / Houseboat ladders also make the best dog ladder.
  • This XL Pontoon / Houseboat ladder is made of high-quality aluminum and is easy to install.
  • It will support 250 pounds.

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