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6 Step Ladder

6 Step Ladder

Back in Stock in August. Email to get on contact list. High Quality Dock Stairs, Pier Steps, and Dog Dock Ladder AQUASTAIRS® 6-step dock ladder is the longest standard ladder we offer for floating docks, fixed docks, swim platforms, piers, bulkheads, and seawalls. Since many structures such as piers and bulkheads are stationary, customers often need long dock ladders to meet the needs of changing lake water levels or tidal changes.  

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These 6-foot dock stairs give the customer a more extended option when the water is low. It works well when the mounting surface is no more than 48 inches above the water; otherwise, these dock ladders would likely be too short to comfortably get out of the water unless the lake bed or seafloor is close enough to stand on and step onto the bottom step.

The bottom step of the dock stairs ladder is 6 feet below the mounting surface. Also see the special 8-step model that goes down 6 feet to the last step but with more steps and a shorter rise between steps.

Multiple customers have purchased these dock steps like a dog dock ladder since their pets could not get out of the water and over seawalls when the beach disappears with rising water levels. These dock steps make the perfect dog dock ladder, so your best friends can easily access piers and swim platforms.


  • Buy AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® top brand in boat ladders and dock ladders. Don’t struggle climbing in and out of the water; our dock ladders make the perfect dock stairs, so you can safely step out of the water. Call for special 8 step ladder.
  • The 6-step dock ladder also ships WITH the flip-out brackets that allow you to rotate the ladder out of the water when not in use. A retractable swim ladder helps keep these marine ladder algae and barnacles free between uses..
  • Its large stair steps are 16″ wide and 8″ deep, making it very comfortable to step on.
  • Our stair step ladders are easy to mount to any surface with a 90-degree angle. These aluminum dock ladders do not have to rest upon the lake bed for proper support; however, you can let them rest upon the bottom if desired.
  • AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® also offers other boats and dock ladders options from small 3-step boat ladders to pontoon boat ladders. Shop our large selection of high-quality and affordable dock ladders for sale.
  • UPC code 195893985340

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