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3 Step Ladder

3 Step Ladder


This 3-step dock ladder is simply the best swim ladder for both people and pets! It is designed for use on floating docks, fixed docks, piers, seawalls and swim platforms. It is 3' to the bottom step from the mounting surface


The Best Small Boat Dock Ladders

AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® 3-step dock ladder is the smallest and shortest in our standard line-up of angled ladders. This swim ladder is easy to mount and can be used on your pier, dock, seawall, some boats, and other bulkhead-type surfaces. This 3-step stair dock ladder ships with brackets that allow the ladder to be rotated out of the water when not in use. These people and dog boat ladder is best used when your mounting surface is 12” or less from the water’s surface. The last step of this stair-step style ladder is 3 feet below your mounting surface. We also make larger dock ladders, including our 4-step dock ladders and 5-step dock ladder, perfect for people and dogs. When you want the best aluminum dock ladder, AQUASTAIRS ONLINE STORE® provides quality and superior craftsmanship.

  • It is intended for use where the mounting surface is no more than 12 inches above the water. Otherwise, this swim ladder would likely be too short to comfortably get out of the water unless the lake bed is close enough to stand on and step up onto the bottom step. If nearing the 12” limit, you may want to consider the 4-step dock ladder.
  • It has 16" broad and 8" deep stair steps that are pretty comfortable.
  • Our 3-step swim ladder's last step is about 3 feet below the mounting surface.
  • This swim ladder does not have to rest upon the lake bed or sand for proper support; however, you can let it rest upon the bottom if desired.
  • The weight of this sloped dock/pier/seawall ladder is about 31 pounds.
  • This 3-step stair dock ladder includes flip-out brackets that allow you to rotate the ladder out of the water when not in use or to keep it clean of algae and barnacles between usage.
  • UPC code 195893926237

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