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Under Mount Swim Platform ladder - Sale - Only 1 left!!!

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Under Mount Swim Platform ladder

With the introduction of the Aqua-Stairs® Under Mount Swim Platform Ladder, consumers now have an alternative to the old vertical, skinny step and the difficult-to-climb ladder previously used on yachts, cruisers, or any boat with a swim platform, including some houseboats ladder. View the images of the Carver Santego 380, where the first one is placed.

You need a swim platform close to the water’s surface and enough to mount this new ladder; the ladder’s frame or cage is approximately 42” long by 19” wide and weighs about 60 pounds. The ladder itself is lightweight aluminum with a heavy-duty stainless steel housing. The ladder itself is easy to lift out.

  • The Aqua-Stairs® Under Mount Swim Platform ladder works great on the back of larger boats, including cruisers and yachts, or any boat with the necessary space on a swim platform that is close to the water’s surface.
  • This ladder must be securely attached to a swim platform that is strong enough to support it. The housing for the ladder requires approximately 42” front to back to fit under the swim platform fully. It also requires about 19” of side-to-side clearance.
  • The dock steps are very comfortable, approximately 14″ wide and 6″ deep, allowing for very easy, comfortable footing.
  • Given its staircase / sloped design, this ladder is much easier to come up with than most boats' OEM ladders.
  • When installed, the Under Mount Swim Platform ladder gives you an angled, staircase access to and from the water instead of the traditional vertical steps that often bend back underneath your boat, making climbing out difficult.
  • Sloped dock steps on this ladder makes it far easier for both people and pets.
  • It is made of high quality aluminum/stainless steel.
  • Black locking strap not included - customer addition.
  • Installation is boat specific and usually requires multiple stainless steel fasteners of the appropriate length to attach.
  • UPC code 195893671571

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