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7 Step SPECIAL Ladder

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Since the length of the Aqua-Stairs® 5 step dock ladder is our most popular swim ladder, we created the Special 7 step ladder to accommodate the needs and requests of our customers that have special needs.  Although the name would suggest that this is the longest dock ladder in our lineup, it actually has the same vertical drop as the 5 step ladder, just with 7 steps more tightly spaced in the body of a 5 step dock ladder.  It also ships with taller loop handles to make it easier to use.  The 6-step Aqua-Stairs® dock ladder is the longest ladder we sell. With that said, we do have a Special 8 step ladder that is not listed on the website that you would have to call about; it has a 6 foot vertical drop and is similar to the special 7 step ladder, only with 2 more steps.

The Special 7 step Aqua-Stairs® dock ladders are designed for people and / or pets that have difficulty lifting their legs on dock steps.  People who are elderly, have knee replacements, hip replacements, or other complicating issues may find this ladder easier to negotiate since the stair steps are set at 8-1/2″ increments instead of the 12″ increment on standard dock ladders.  Some customers jokingly refer to it as the AARP® ladder, but state that they would not or could not go swimming without it.  Other customers prefer this as a dog ladder option for their small dogs.  As with all of the Aqua-Stairs® ladders, the staircase design has enabled people and dogs to get out of the water where they may have been unable to with conventional, vertical ladders with small steps.

  • Similar to the 5 step dock ladder, this swimming ladder is intended for use where the mounting surface is no more than 36 inches above the water; otherwise, it is likely that it would be too short to comfortably get out of the water.
  • The Aqua-Stairs® special 7-step dock ladder also has its last step is 5 feet below the mounting surface.
  • This dock ladder has taller loop handles than the standard ladders. At 24″ tall, it makes it easier for people to hold onto.
  • Its large, stair steps are 16″ wide and 7-1/2″ deep, making it very comfortable to step on.
  • The flip out / mounting brackets, which are included, are also a heavier duty bracket to accommodate the 24″ loop handles when retracting the ladder from the water.
  • When mounted correctly, this swim ladder does not have to rest upon the lake bed for proper support; however, you can let it rest upon the bottom if desired.
  • This dock / pier / seawall ladder weighs approximately 60 lbs.
  • UPC code 195893644490

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